Colour, Glorious Colour!

$330.00 CAD

Colours and emotions… yellows sometimes make us happy and sometimes irritable. Blue can soothe us or make us sad. And being uncertain of colour choices can sure make us anxious.

Relax! A Certified Colour Professional is only one click away. The relief of knowing how to make good colour choices with the help of someone who understands how and why colours work or don’t, will save you from the expense of repainting or living with a colour that makes you frown each time you walk into a room.



  • Questionnaire
  • Welcome Package
  • Free 15 minute discovery call
  • 2 hour consultation
  • Master colour palette - a 3" x 5" swatch of each colour
  • Personal online designer-priced paint shopping list
  • Paint schedule of what goes where and what to expect