Design Project Implementing

$1380 CAD


  • Welcome Package
  • RenoGuide - Canadian Home Builders Association
  • Bonus - Will This Sofa Fit Through Openings?

You lead a busy life. Who has the time and patience to deal with all the follow ups, and scheduling, and deliveries. and questions!?!

I do! This package includes 15 hours of design project implementation. I will…

  •   meet trades on site and online to clarify the design

  •   follow up on orders and arrange deliveries of specified products

  •   purchasing styling accessories and do the styling for Reveal Day

If you'd like to be kept in the loop, you can be copied on all back and forth emails and texts throughout the implementation of your project. If that seems to be too much to handle, we can keep communication to a need-to-know basis. It's up to you.

L. Jones had this to say about her major whole home renovation: "Deborah was a delight to work with, she listens well and stays calm no matter what. Her diplomacy when dealing with trades and suppliers is awesome to see. I can't imagine doing this without her!"

This package is based on a maximum 2400 square foot residence or small commercial space. We'll discuss your specific requirements prior to getting started. This package can be purchased with a $400 deposit and invoiced monthly for the duration of your project by emailing me directly at