2 Hour Kick-Start

$220 CAD


  • Questionnaire
  • Welcome Package
  • Free 15 minute discovery call
  • 2 hour consultation online or onsite

A lot can be accomplished in a 2 hour design consultation. Before we meet, I'll have reviewed your completed Getting Started Questionnaire and we will have had our 15 Minute Discovery Call, so we can jump right into the design details when we get together.

  •   We'll discuss your design goals and set priorities and a general timeline

  •   We'll align your design style with your lifestyle needs and your space's limitations

  •   We'll develop a few practical solutions and

  •   I'll have some general advice and leads for items that are key to you meeting your design goals (These will be presented to you in hand written notes at the end of our meeting.)

This consultation is the first step in any design project, and sometimes, it's all you need to start making your vision a reality. If you find need more, you'll be able to easily switch over to a more in-depth, personalized, design service.

When you sign up, you'll have a Getting Started Questionnaire to help get you design-focused before we meet. Click here to book your free 15 Minute Discovery Call.

Here are a few words from clients, Michelle and Ken: "Never having worked with an interior decorator before, we had no idea what to expect. You provided more than we ever could have anticipated, and we’re so pleased with the the results! Deborah, working with you has been such a pleasure. My husband and I had a very general idea of what we wanted, but had absolutely no idea of the first steps to make that vision come to life. Luckily for us, we found you!"

To get the most from our time together, you'll need to put away your phone, schedule extra time in case we get deep into details, and arrange a baby sitter if you have children. It's so important that you are free from distractions during our meetings, so that we can communicate well and be certain there is clarity in all we discuss. I encourage you to take notes, or audio or video record our consultation so you'll be able to refer back. Of course, I'm only a phone call, text or email away.